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After School Program, Fall-2019

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After School Program, K-1

'Active Learners'

Our Infrastructure of large classrooms, soccer turf field, floodlit basketball court and ballet dance studio - help provide a complete, and a healthy experience to students

The environment communicates to them, "You can make the selection, you have good ideas, and you can carry out the plan for yourself"

An environment that encourages language interactions, socio-dramatic play, and the construction of experiences. They are getting used to a structured day, but still need the flexibility to explore, grow and learn in their particular interest - a short trip of visual and self exploration leading to a learning which acts as a strong building block for future positive experiences.

The strong need to get independent, express both in clearer language and physicality, the child's language explodes during this period as they try to find "labels" for the objects and people in their world. Language gives young children the power to question and find answers. Relevant indoor environment and outdoor play helps develop fine motor skills and large muscle groups leading to better expression - both verbal and physical.

  • Supervised homework: help to check and complete the daily homework
  • Academic Enrichment: Extra Academics, skill level academics
  • Enrichment programs: STEM, Arts, Multiple Intelligence, Languages
  • Everyday Sports: Basketball, Soccer, 4 square, hop scotch, hula hoops
  • Two optional classes per week are scheduled for both, Chinese and Hindi language
Typical Day's Schedule of a Kindergarten Student
12PM to 6:30PM

LeaderBoard takes pride in the fact that it has a bigger opportunity to impact the learning of the students when compared to their day school. They simply spend more hours with us every day. The curriculum is a soft extension of the Montessori system. The program now helps the child become more independent and confident, with increased opportunities to explore and express, yet continuing to provide a reassuring environment to all children.

  • 12PM - Arrival
  • Lunch – We heat serve (if you bring your own) Or, order with our Vendor
  • After Lunch, students finish their homework
  • Academic Enrichment – students get extra lessons in Language Arts or Math
  • Kindergarten students Classes in - PE, Social Awareness, Sciences, Reading, Writing, Public Speaking, Story Telling
  • Or, attend the Enrichment Program (Optional class) over and above a class scheduled per above
  • 5:30PM – field sports
  • 5:30PM to 6PM – pick-up time
  • 6:30PM – last pick-up
The Kindergarten Curriculum includes programs in
  • Language skills - reading, writing, phonics
  • Math Skills - counting, addition, subtraction, fun with Math, Visual Math
  • Public Speaking
  • Soccer, everyday - Soccer field
  • Basketball, everyday - Junior size basketball court
  • Hop-scotch and 4 square - develop coordination, balance, interaction, teamwork
  • 'Rock & Roll' - Hip-hop fusion dance, Sing-along (could be an optional class)
  • Dramatic play, character roles, theater (could be an optional class)
  • Lego Models - building blocks, logical and sequential thoughts, explore and learn,
  • 'Arts and Crafts' - imagination to paper, world of colors, shapes, creativity. (an optional class)
  • Skyscrapers - learn about constructing building, be an engineer, understand weights, and balance - 'make your own structure'
  • 'Darwins & Einsteins' - hands-on experiments in life sciences and physics, which help understand science, generate curiosity, explore to learn and retain from the experience (Could be an optional class)
Typical Day’s Schedule of 1st Grade Student
3PM to 6:30PM, Except on Wednesdays, when it is 1PM to 6:30PM
  • 3PM - Arrival
  • Snack Time - socialize, communicate and interact
  • Homework Help
  • Academic Enrichment – students get extra lessons in Language Arts or Math
  • Or, attend the Enrichment Program (Optional class) over and above a class scheduled per above
  • 5:30PM – field sports
  • 5:30PM to 6PM – pick-up time
  • 6:30PM – last pick-up
Optional Classes

Following are the list of optional classes that kindergarten and first grade students will have the option to choose:

  • Driving Tesla Cars
  • 'Soccer on turf'
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Art & Drawing
  • Piano
  • Lego Robotics
  • Fusion dance
Tuition fees

We encourage parents to call and schedule a tour with us, learn more about the program, our spacious infrastructure with great outdoors, and we’ll be happy to respond to any queries that you might have.
Transportation fees: Independent transportation agreement with service provider

$295 per week!!!*

Summer Camp, 2019
Kindergarten, Full (No More Spots)
4th Grade, Few Spots Left

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